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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

less is more

Funny thing happened at an office building today ¬†– when I got there, parking was a bit tight. That’s when I noticed the giant SUV taking up two spots (why do some folks think that’s ok to do?). Anyways, I hesitated for all of 2 seconds, and then eased into the crawl space between the two behemoths.

When I came back out parking had eased up a bit, and I got this nice image. It says a lot I think – about the choices we all make with regards to resources (parking spaces, fossil fuels, etc.), about how those choices impact others, and the unexpected gifts and advantages to be had by taking less than what is offered.

But most of all I think it’s just funny.


Small Joy

I was driving in Manhattan the other day, stuck in stop and go traffic in Chinatown (and btw, stop and go traffic is what an electric car really loves – I drove around 8 miles and my charge only dipped 2%, but I digress as this¬†post isn’t about the electric part of the car…) when I saw a couple of cyclists in my rear-view mirror winding their way thru the stalled cars.

from one efficient vehicle to another.

Anyone who has driven on Mott St. knows how narrow the roads are down there. Add in a row of parked cars on one side and a few box trucks on the other, and things get very cozy.

Which is why I was so appreciative of the cozy dimensions of the MINI. It just always, always, always fits.

It’s one of the unexpected joys of this whole Electric Car Pioneer thing, that I never worry about finding a place to park. It’s a great feeling of entitlement as I regularly pull to the front of just about any place I’m going, knowing that all I need is the courtesy space of daylight between two SUV’s to settle in.

So these two cyclists were wending their way towards me, and they comfortably pulled past my ever-comfortable MINI, when they had to stop. As you can see, another fairly modest car in front of us was still too wide to provide passage.

It made me laugh. And so I snapped the shot and reminded myself that, as the good Dr. Seuss once said, “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.”