I live in Rockland County, NY, with my wife, 2 kids and a dog. I generate about 70% of my home’s electricity through 30 solar panels on my roof, and I’m driving an all-electric car. I’m scared to death of lightning 😉

Last winter I heard about the MINI E program, where BMW/MINI would lease 500 plug-in electric vehicles to consumers in New York, New Jersey & California for a 1-year test drive. The idea is to get “real world” experiences from as many different driving perspectives as possible. Eager to help find a solution to our various energy generation and usage challenges, I filled out the application and was one of the lucky 500 “pioneers” selected.

This is an exciting moment in history, and I’m happy to capture as much of my experience as possible – both the good and the bad – so that we can perfect this promising technology and get it out on the roads for as many as possible, as soon as possible.

Plus I just think it’s gonna be fun to be one of the first people in history to run out of electrons on I-287.

If you see me and MINI E #217 on the road, please give a honk.

the electric "gas" station...

…fills the car up for about 100 miles

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  1. This is fantastic. What a great idea.. good luck with it man.

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