24-Hour Electric Ride Road Rally

This coming Memorial Day weekend I’ll be driving #217 in a 24-hour road rally to see how many electric miles I can rack up in a full day. My best guess going into it – accounting for battery range and 4-hour recharging stints – is that I should hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 miles.

Here’s my plan:
– Start Sunday, May 30 @9am – finish at 9am on Monday, May 31

– Drive 2.25 hours, yield 100 miles – recharge for 4.5 hours, repeat 4 times

– The Rally should see trips to all 4 points of the compass

– The Rally should minimize any duplication of roadway (no running up and down the same bit of highway)

– Every trip should offer a photo op (see partial list of sites below)

LIST OF PHOTO OPS WITHIN 50 miles of Pearl River, NY

– the Bear Mtn. Bridge, the lookout at the top of Perkins Memorial Drive, West Point and the Storm King Arts Center and the Roosevelt home to the North; the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, Central Park to the South, Morristown, NJ and – in an homage to the man who brought us loads of useful electrical devices – the Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange, NJ.

Got any other suggestions – fire away!


3 responses to “24-Hour Electric Ride Road Rally

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope it goes well and you get lots of great pictures.

  2. Maleg-Mafoot Binhurtn'

    Maybe you can get a photo op with that uber dork that drives #250 in Montclair. Perhaps if you bring him one of your famous burritos maybe he’ll take a picture with you. Now that would be something.

    • thanks for the suggestion Mr. Binhurtn’, but I need to point out that I’m already driving an electric car – and it’s a MINI at that (which allows the ‘cool kids’ at my old high school to refer to me as a “mini skirt”) – and so the last thing I need is a photo with a fellow uber dork…especially uber dork Tom Moloughney – I have my pride after all.

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