One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

less is more

Funny thing happened at an office building today  – when I got there, parking was a bit tight. That’s when I noticed the giant SUV taking up two spots (why do some folks think that’s ok to do?). Anyways, I hesitated for all of 2 seconds, and then eased into the crawl space between the two behemoths.

When I came back out parking had eased up a bit, and I got this nice image. It says a lot I think – about the choices we all make with regards to resources (parking spaces, fossil fuels, etc.), about how those choices impact others, and the unexpected gifts and advantages to be had by taking less than what is offered.

But most of all I think it’s just funny.


3 responses to “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

  1. Nice shot Gordon. Did you see this pic I took and posted on my blog?

  2. I’d have feared the SUV owner returning, and damaging my MINI when they tried to get in to their behemoth!

    • ahhhh, the joys of a lease 😉 actually, I know it looks close, but there was still a bunch of room…man those things are huge.

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