Snow Days

Apologies for the long silence, but I had to take an unexpected trip to London for work (where I got to see several of the original Mini’s still driving – and wow, they were mini by about half the new ones!) and all the prep for that sucked most of my free time up this month.

However I’ve been diligently driving #217 throughout, and I can report that the crazy weather swings (one week we’re in the 40’s, next week we have 2 feet of snow) haven’t impacted my all-electric driving.

MINI car, MAXI snow

This week though we were hit with a major snow storm, which closed our office and dumped about 18 inches on the ground. I took the opportunity to test out the electric drive around town on relatively snow-filled roads. Getting out of my side-street was the hardest, as we’ve to about a 25 yard-long 30-degree incline at the top – the wheels did spin at times, but car did well and I got out with relatively little struggle.

One of the joys of an electric car of course is that it has torque at any speed – but in snow that does mean that the wheels will slip. The MINI E’s Dynamic Stability Control system light came on several times, and basically that meant the wheels would only spin for a moment or two before power was re-distributed.

All-in-all, considering it was a day that I probably shouldn’t have been driving in anyways, the MINI E did fine for the limited 5-mile trip I needed it for.


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