Baby’s Got New Shoes

Woa, the holidays knocked me out!  But i’m back, and will be updating more frequently now that December is done.

The big news to report is that MINI has swapped out all of our tires for new snow tires – GoodYear Ultragrip 7 to be exact. I hear that, because they are run flats, they had to be special ordered from Germany. It had to have cost BMW/MINI a pretty penny, but clearly safety is a potential issue with such a relatively heavier vehicle on icy roads. I noticed that the dealer, who installed them, only inflated them to 38 psi (max is 51 psi) – the question is what this will do to my average mileage range. So far I’ve noticed about a 5% dip, but it’s only been a few days.

In other news, we’re going through a serious and prolonged cold front here (mornings are in the teens, high’s during the day don’t reach much past the mid-20’s) but there hasn’t been a huge decrease in the battery performance. I do regularly plug-in during the day (thanks again Morristown Parking Authority!) now, but that’s more so I can feel easy about running the heater, etc. – I did a test a few weeks ago and made it home fine with only a few less % points than the summer commute.

Lastly, I had to go on an all-fossil diet for the past 2 weeks because we were traveling out of the area. It’s good to be back!


2 responses to “Baby’s Got New Shoes

  1. I think you are the only other one who is not seeing a decrease in range. I bet you wear wool sock too.

    • lol – i am wearing a scarf and driving gloves, that’s for sure! and I am also seeing a drop, just not that big (touch wood). But I am also driving more conservatively than i was before.

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