New Badges

Inspired by several other E-drivers, I ordered up a set of “Electric” emblems from They were a snap to put on, look great and, judging from several looks and even a friendly honk on the road, they do communicate the fact that #217 is an electric car.

yup, it's electric!

yup, it's electric!

It’s fairly simply – the word “Electric” on both lower doors, and along the back. My hope is that it both answers and raises some questions with people. I know when I went into this experiment I was expecting to be stopped every time I got out of my car – and in fact that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want them to put the large Plug graphic on the side doors. But instead I’ve only had that experience twice so far, and I’m feeling a little guilty that I’m failing a part of this experiment  – that is to raise interest and curiosity about what it is like to drive an electric car.

My son had an interesting observation yesterday though – he noticed that gas prices have fallen again (which is funny in itself that he notes this, because I am completely blind now to gas prices), and he thinks that interest in alternative fuels will only peak again when the price goes way up. Could be – but for now I’ll have to rely on these 1″ high letters instead of the global gas market.


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