New Bling

IMG_0840 I took the “window word stickers” that MINI sent out to the “MINI E Pioneers”, and cut out the url to this blog. Some may say it was a waste of time, while others would say it was an incredible waste of time. But I figured that with just one xacto knife on a lazy Saturday morning, I could hit two birds with just 25 hand-cut characters:

– publicize the blog (I’m already at 1,000 views – my goal is 10,000 in 1 year)

– get some attention to the fact that this is an electric car (see my July 2 post on “The Incredibly Invisible Electric Car”

So far I’ve it on my rear window for a week, and I’ve actually noticed a slight uptick in the daily visitors (above 20/day now, used to be 15 or so) – looks like this advertising thing really works.  But it would be fun to confirm it – so if you’re reading this now as a result of seeing this URL on the back of my car, please make a comment!

As for the car itself, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks as I’ve been watching my daughter’s 11/12 Softball All Star team play in the Eastern Regionals in Albany – at 144 miles away, just outside the range of #217’s batteries.


One response to “New Bling

  1. Hello – i spotted your car in the parking lot of Germonds Park the other evening, and wrote down the url. What an excellent experiment you are involved in!

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