E Party, E Parking

NYC-area MINI E Pioneers received an invitation to an “Opportunity Green” cocktail party in Manhattan last Tuesday. The ‘eco-evening celebrating style with a conscience’ was hosted at Environment – a high-end, ecologically-conscious furniture showroom on Broadway in the trendy Chelsea district.

IMG_0800It was a nice little event – great food, served with recycled plates & utensils in a beautiful showroom. But the highlight of the evening happened even before I set foot in the door: I squeezed #217 in between #323 & a Range Rover – the SUV about the only car on Broadway between 18th & 19th streets that wasn’t a MINI E. For me, who hadn’t seen another MINI E since I picked mine up at the showroom, it was like discovering a family I never knew I had.

A fellow Pioneer I met at the party – Tom Moloughney – thought that was part of the reason we were all invited, to lend our ZEV’s to the gathering. I’m sure he’s right, and the fact is it worked – 3 people stopped me on the sidewalk to ask about the cars and I heard others speaking about them as well. As a piece of street theater, it was pretty impressive!

Tom was also the source of a handy formula that I’ll share later to help learn what the actual kWh are that I’m putting into #217. That should allow me to answer one of my stat items – the cost per mile of driving #217.

Meanwhile one other big milestone happened this week that deserves a mention – I clocked my 1,000th mile on the odometer. That’s 1,000 miles without burning a drop of oil – pretty cool!


One response to “E Party, E Parking

  1. Now THAT is some NY parking I could get used to. In addition to the fact that every car is almost *scandalously* efficient, they are all small enough to actually utilize the space on the side of the street in the city. A beautiful thing.

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