Poll: Getting from A to B

Today I get the high-voltage cable installed in my garage, enabling me to recharge #217 from Zero to Full in “about 4 hours”. This means I can start driving electric on a daily basis, instead of the 3-times a week I’m able to make now due to the range limitation of ~100 miles.

It’s been about 3 weeks now, and I love the MINI E – mostly I love the quiet, the torque of the electric motor and the knowledge that the carbon impact of my 90+ mile commute is that much less (especially with my solar panels helping to generate the electricity). And while I have great hopes and expectations for the high-voltage recharging station, to date the range and recharging limitations have meant that the electrical car is just not practical for me.

Which raises the question – what propulsion platform would be ideal?

For several years now I’ve read with interest about the promise of Fuel Cells. But there are other alternatives as well. I thought I’d take a poll to see what others think (and in case you’re not familiar with some of these options, this Wikipedia article a great place to start).


One response to “Poll: Getting from A to B

  1. Other – “Safe” atomic fuel cells – Jetson, Star Trek Enterprise type stuff.

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