My New Favorite Parking Spot

I got a call from Patrick Geary, who is heading up the “Green Initiatives” at the very enlightened Morristown Parking Authority (where they have not one but two MINI E’s running around town). Patrick and his boss have graciously agreed to let me plug in with my 110v cable when I’m at the Bank St. Garage.

IMG_0716 I have to say that I’m still a bit amazed at this – but the more I think about the   more I realize that I’m the beneficiary of timing. The MPA of even a few short   years ago i’m sure would’ve denied this (“Sir, those outlets are for        maintenance use only and have not been cleared by the Assistant Director of Electrical Use as a power replenishment system for out of state vehicles”). And in a few years from now, as Patrick Geary said to me, “We probably can’t accommodate a dozen electric cars plugged into our garage”.

But we’re in a new era now – and “in-between” state, and people from all backgrounds and vocations are recognizing the need to take individual and collective actions to solve our energy and environmental needs. For the MPA it’s about seeing how they would accommodate electrical vehicles as both customers and consumers.

This collective desire for “green experimentation” is an incredibly powerful thing. And in my own little corner of the world I see signs of that – on an even less dramatic level than what this photo shows – everyday. People with reusable grocery bags, parents organizing car pools to kids sports activities, restaurants coming up with less packaging for delivering take-away meals, etc.

The immediate benefit of my newly energized parking spot is unclear. I doubt I’ll be able to recharge more than 20% or so, which would leave me with about a 20% charge left at the end of my day. So as long as I still have only the 110v cable, #217 will be relegated to an “other day” vehicle.

But maybe now I can rev the engine a bit on the way home!


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