Like Christmas in July!

Got some great news today via email from MINI – the High Voltage wall box cables are “now shipping to both coasts”. I had feared that we’d be looking at a few more weeks, and I assumed they would supply the West Coast first (having received their cars first, they’ve been without the cables longest) – but it looks like they have enough for all. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get it installed in the next week – and I can make #217 my daily car.

And speaking of “all”, the population of MINI E drivers is now up to 300. I assume that most of the West Coast deliveries are done, so I’m looking forward to more coming to this part of the map. It will be a milestone when I run across another driver on the road.

And speaking of that, my son the other day speculated that we “must have the only MINI e in Rockland County!”. Turns out he was wrong – Dr. Lyle Dennis, #417, lives in Suffern, NY. It’s nice to know there’s another friend in the neighborhood.


One response to “Like Christmas in July!

  1. Hi I’m Robert from TwistyBlitz. I have just added your blog to my website. If interested go here…

    I am doing a 4 part MINI E post from my interviews with 3 west coast lessees at my blog and will be offering tshirts and badges at my online store this week.

    Hope you will stop by, RB

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